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  • Mr. Groom Goes to Washington

    I finally got to do some Photoshop kung-fu to encourage Jim Groom to commit to his personal call to action made during the “No SOPA For You” broadcast a couple of weeks ago. Jim described that he’s leaving ed tech to go fight corruption in Washingtion. I think Andy Rush and Tim Owens must of…

  • Dissociative Dr. Oblivion

    Jim Groom was interviewed by Dr. Oblivion today and Jim plead that the ds106 community forgive him after banishing so many students during the Summer of Oblivion. It seemed to be a truly touching moment of closure for everyone that had fretted over the mental health of Jim Groom. Dr. Oblivion was retaking the helm…

  • Let’s End Jim Groom’s Pain

    Mr. Groom – It’s come to ds107’s attention that you are still not well. We understand we need to work together to help you. How are we feeling today Jim? Together we’ll find a process that brings us to a place that’s right for ds106. Your cousin’s misplaced anger isn’t your fault. It’s something we’ll…

  • The Exorcism of Jim Groom Begins

    Jim Groom a beloved member of the ds106 community appeared to lose his senses when he assumed power over ds106 and banished anyone that questioned his authority. A small group formed a rebellion against the newly despotic Groom. They called themselves ds107. Soon a number of ds106 expats believed that the Jim Groom they had…

  • Storified Rebellion in DS106

    [View the story “The Summer of Oblivion Takes The Long Walk” on Storify]

  • Vectorizing Dr. Oblivion

    Here’s my first tutorial for ds106 that Jim Groom mentioned he might be interested in today’s ds106tv broadcast. It shows how I created my “Have You Seen Dr. Oblivion” posters. It teaches the basics of converting a bitmapped image to vectorized one using Adobe Illustrator’s LiveTrace.   [youtube width=”560″ height=”453″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYgDxTJ4Tz4[/youtube]

  • A Storified Refresher on the Battle for Oblivion

    View “The Battle For Oblivion” on Storify

  • DS106 as RPG, part 1

    Today was the start of the summer section of DS106 Digital Storytelling a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) taught out of the University of Mary Washington (UMW) and conducted through their open site ds106.us. If you’re not sure what a MOOC is then watch this video to get a little perspective, but in a nutshell…