Let’s End Jim Groom’s Pain

Mr. Groom –

It’s come to ds107’s attention that you are still not well. We understand we need to work together to help you.

How are we feeling today Jim?

Together we’ll find a process that brings us to a place that’s right for ds106. Your cousin’s misplaced anger isn’t your fault. It’s something we’ll talk about over the next few days.

Away Jim Groom





8 responses to “Let’s End Jim Groom’s Pain”

  1. Alan Liddell Avatar

    Any luck, we’ll get further insight when his twin brother Tim Doom Groom teaches the video section tomorrow.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Wait, Tim Doom is teaching the video segment? Excellent, can’t wait to see how Jim AND Tim can stand against the power of the video created thus far in the pursuit of his (their?) exorcism.

      1. Alan Liddell Avatar

        No, actually, there’s a third one, Tim Groom. It’s hard to keep track of them all, hence my confusion. As far as I know, Tim Doom is going back to NY.

  2. [Not]Trivial Avatar

    Let’s hope – but prepare for a ds107 intervention. We will help Mr. Groom as he needs us.

  3. Tim Groom Avatar

    I have to say this is some amazing work, and if my brother were here I think he would really appreciate it.

    1. [Not]Trivial Avatar

      Well let’s keep up the good effort to find him. And thanks for filling in for him yesterday. Some inspired discussion on web video. And I hope you put a nice cold piece of meat on that shiner to help it heal. Fee better!

      1. Tim Groom Avatar

        Shiner? What shiner?

  4. [Not]Trivial Avatar

    Tim you looked liked you were a little roughed up and generally under duress during the presentation.

    I know it can be hard to call out our abusers, but it’s safe here in ds107. Can you let us help you Tim? Is it your brother that’s doing this? Please let us know.