The Exorcism of Jim Groom Begins

Jim Groom a beloved member of the ds106 community appeared to lose his senses when he assumed power over ds106 and banished anyone that questioned his authority. A small group formed a rebellion against the newly despotic Groom. They called themselves ds107.

Soon a number of ds106 expats believed that the Jim Groom they had known, a believer in the open distributed internet — where no one person can be in control — would never behave this way.

They began to speculate that Groom was no longer in control of his digital identity. They assumed another player had taken over his domain and decided to take action.

This is their record.

[youtube width=”580″ height=”470″][/youtube]


One response to “The Exorcism of Jim Groom Begins”

  1. [Not]Trivial Avatar

    The powers of @FakeReverendJim disabled playback of Jim Groom’s exorcism through this blog. But I am trying to push back, by claiming fair use.

    This is a record of my fair-use claim to YouTube:
    Youtube Fair-Use Claim

    And here is a video you can watch on how to make a fair-use claim if YouTube’s Content ID system sends a takedown notice:

    You should submit the request immediately, as the default is to re-enable your video. The re-enabling of embeds lasted, but now has been disabled again. My dispute status is “submitted.” At least the video can still be watched (at YouTube’s site), for now!