Vectorizing Dr. Oblivion

Here’s my first tutorial for ds106 that Jim Groom mentioned he might be interested in today’s ds106tv broadcast. It shows how I created my “Have You Seen Dr. Oblivion” posters. It teaches the basics of converting a bitmapped image to vectorized one using Adobe Illustrator’s LiveTrace.


[youtube width=”560″ height=”453″][/youtube]






One response to “Vectorizing Dr. Oblivion”

  1. Cheryl Colan Avatar

    Oh duh, he DID mention this on today! Maybe that’s why I made a vector / LiveTrace tutorialt too. It’s cool though, I’m not usurping because you took a different approach, showing how to use the Pen tool to make a selection, going to Grayscale mode and manipulating contrast with the Curves tool plus burning in the hair. We were double trouble today on the vector tutes. Nice one.

    Small piece of feedback – I’m not sure you actually said what the visual goal was with your Photoshop edit. Why you added contrast and made sure there was a dark outline at the top of his head – so that Illustrator could recognize the edges and/or give definition where you wanted. You explained adding the background colors really well.

    And OMG! I started with Photoshop 2.0, too, and I totally remember using Streamline. So much easier now.