Work Experience


Feb. 2004 – present
York College, The City University of New York, Jamaica, NY
Serving as the longest standing faculty member of the Communications Technology bachelor of science degree program since its inception in the fall of 2003.

In the faculty capacity I have had the following duties and accomplishments:

  • Designed and taught coursework in a various multi-media disciplines (full-list), the majority of which are web-enhanced using a custom built WordPress multisite with a course blog for each class.
  • Advising students through the capstone process which includes development of a online presence/portfolio and acting a thesis advisor for students’ final projects.
  • Served on various standing committees including curriculum and academic standards. Chaired the Committee on Academic Standards Sept. 2008- Jun. 2011. Closely worked with colleagues over three semesters to reform the student petitioning process for making exceptions to stated academic policy. Significantly improved committee transparency and efficiency by putting to words all petition criteria and standards for evaluation.

Feb. 2020 – present
Built online conference applications for attendees to browse an integrated program, player, and chat web space. Principle clients: The Association for Learning Technology and Reclaim Hosting

  • Supported hundreds of event day participants to browse and dozens of different presentations embedded with the Youtube Embed API. As well Youtube Chat and Discord Chat were embedded where possible.
  • Designed data architecture for application implemented by backend developer using the WordPress API as platform.

Sept. 2008 – 2021
York College, The City University of New York, Jamaica, NY
Oversee a four year bachelor of science degree program in Communications Technology which is hosted in the Performing and Fine Arts Department. The program offers two main concentrations: Television Production and Web Design & Development. By means of a critical study of media and technology and the application of fundamental skills, degree recipients are prepared for career opportunities in a variety of media and technology environments.

The program prepares students to thrive in various industries in which there is constant change. This is accomplished through three core principles for preparing our students to:

  1. Develop a deep sense of why we create and value stories and how nascent communications technologies are affecting ideas of narrative.
  2. Explore a variety of digital and non-digital technologies to develop a sense of agency with these tools, so that they have an application process that is aware of fundamentals as well as self-designed.
  3. Cultivate a sense of digital citizenship by regularly narrating and sharing their process as a creative and critical practitioners as well as engaging other practitioners in a reflective manner to foster community and growth.

In the director capacity I have had the following duties and accomplishments:

  • Oversee curriculum development including a re-design of the foundation production courses and core concentrations after a two-year evaluation and application process, implemented in the fall of 2013.
  • Lead planning efforts to advise over ninety Communications Technology majors, fostered a doubling in the number of students taking courses in Communications Technology since the start of directorship in 2008.
  • Serve as supervisor for six to eight adjunct faculty appointments each semester.
  • Provides oversight for facilities that support courses and projects in the Communications Technology program, including the creation of a pilot makerspace in spring of 2013.

Sept. 2008 – 2017
York College, The City University of New York, Jamaica, NY
Advance the college’s commitment toward developing and supporting faculty integrating educational technologies in their pedagogy and other professional activities. In my director capacity I have the following duties and accomplishments:

  • Counsel the Office of Academic Affairs on all aspects of information technology as it relates to teaching and learning. Proposed and implemented York College’s first funded hybrid/online course development program Jun. 2009.
  • Serve as supervisor to six staff positions, three resource centers, and online learning applications assigned to the department.
  • Act as a representative to the CUNY Committee on Academic Technology as well as the Subcommittee on the CUNY Academic Commons advocating and reporting on behalf of students, faculty, and staff across CUNY on academic uses of technology.

Oct. 2010 – 2020
The CUNY Academic Commons
Served as Special Projects Developer and formally as Outreach Coordinator for the CUNY Academic Commons an academic social network built on WordPress and Buddypress. Created by and for CUNY faculty, administrators, staff, postdocs, graduate students, and alumni, the site offers members the chance to connect to and collaborate with thousands of colleagues from our twenty-four campus system. The site has been recognized by numerous organizations and media outlets for its innovation and leadership in creating a model private social network built on free open-source tools shared with the entire world. In my capacity as a project team member I have the following duties and accomplishments:

  • Visited numerous campuses across the University and presented the affordances and opportunities provided by the Commons including how to: develop a profile to promote your work and connect to others across the CUNY system; join or create public and private “groups” to facilitate collaboration and communication with colleagues on your campus or across campuses; and set up blogs to promote work, events, and conferences using a highly flexible format that allows for a wide range of visual presentations.
  • Participated and contributed to regular discussions on the current status and future direction of the site’s development plan. Reflect on my contributions to the project including the inherent values of Commons and its importance to CUNY.
  • Created a platform for members of the site to live video stream conferences, presentations, and teaching with easy free to use tools.
  • Developed designs and media pieces for a variety of publications and items.

Apr. 2001 – Jan. 2004
York College, The City University of New York, Jamaica, NY
Work closely with faculty and staff to develop a variety of media materials to support teaching, learning and research. In my capacity as a Multimedia Developer I had the following duties and accomplishments:

  • Co-authored with Dr. Che-Tsao Huang a proposal for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications Technology approved in Feb. 2003. Provided research and written support for the stated purpose, goals and justification of the program; designed curriculum pathways for two of the original concentrations Digital Video and Computer Graphics; conceived and drafted syllabi for ten of the original proposed courses; designed and constructed a multi-media lab and equipment lending service to support student work; and obtained a number of letters of support from local industries.
  • Introduced a digital production work-follow to an all analog television production environment. Subsequently produced dozens of films in collaboration with multiple faculty from a variety of disciplines. Noted examples: Ernest Garthwaite Anthology of the Artist’s Films, 2002 – restoration and duplication of six films spanning 30 years; When School is not Enough, 2003 – co-produced and edited a 33 min. documentary film supporting Dr. Dana Fusco’s research in successful K-12 after-school programming; Telling to Live: Latina Feministas Testimonias, 2001 – Produced eight interviews with rarely recorded but widely celebrated women authors of the Spanish Carribean; At the Roundtable with Senator Malcolm Smith, 2004 – produced and directed a multi-camera live-to-tape TV series with New York State Senator Malcolm Smith and a variety of guests including LL Cool J and Warren Woodberry.
  • Served as interim webmaster and designer for the York College website (archived), 2001–2003 – interface design, updates, and site architecture.