Reposted: CUNY Is You, Me, Everybody

I wrote this a couple months back for the CUNY Academic Commons blog Ground Control as a project team member contribution. It was published last Friday, and wanted to republish it on my personal blog because I love the Commons, CUNY, and the Blues Brothers so much!  Jake and Elwood, brothers not by blood but… Continue reading Reposted: CUNY Is You, Me, Everybody

@dkernohan Visited My Class Yesterday

This summer I’m teaching a York College class  for teacher education students about integrating technology in the classroom. And one of the first assignments asks the students to watch Michael Wesch’s video A Vision of Students Today and then blog about their college experience so far. One student described hers as “not terrible but having a lot of… Continue reading @dkernohan Visited My Class Yesterday

Ode to Timmmmyboy!

Thanks to Tim Owen’s Streaming for Pennies post that has been powering DTLT Today’s live stream, I now have an internet broadcast channel of my own without ads, for pennies. Daniel Phelps and I are really excited about the possibilities (above is an illustration of how easily we are entertained). We’re going to start by… Continue reading Ode to Timmmmyboy!

Deadwood Must Be Cleared

  So that I have a place to sift through ideas and extend my participation in the networked conversation. A slow start, but a start. Thanks to the CUNY Academic Commons and the Commons Team (@mkgold, @boonebgorges, @cstein, @scottvoth, @brianfoote, @sarah_morgano)  for building a place for CUNY folk to hang and be their academic selves.… Continue reading Deadwood Must Be Cleared