Deadwood Must Be Cleared

Deadwood Must Be Cleared


So that I have a place to sift through ideas and extend my participation in the networked conversation. A slow start, but a start. Thanks to the CUNY Academic Commons and the Commons Team (@mkgold, @boonebgorges, @cstein, @scottvoth, @brianfoote, @sarah_morgano)  for building a place for CUNY folk to hang and be their academic selves. And thanks to the many I’m getting to know via DS106 and Twitter, (@DrGarcia, @jimgroom, @scottlo, @mikhailg, @timmmmboy, @grantpotter, @lwaltzer, @giulaforsythe, @noiseprofessor) and many more!

Looking forward to creating, building, and simply goofing off in the many digital storytelling playgrounds out there.






4 responses to “Deadwood Must Be Cleared”

  1. Jim Groom Avatar

    Gabba gabba hey, gabba hey, said your one of us! This is awesome, and having you aboard has been awesome. A number of ds106 folks will be making there way to NYC in June, we must hang out.

    1. [Not]Trivial Avatar

      Look forward to the visit by the ds106 crew and partake in some F2F revelry! Planning to play harder in the many ds106 playscapes this summer. Been fun on the edges, but moving to the core where it’s DAMN HOT!

  2. Matt Avatar

    I feel a little teary! While I’m deeply happy to see you ensconced in your own abode, it’s sad to see you move away, a bit, from the Commons. But it’s also understandable and inevitable, and probably something to celebrate rather than mourn — especially since I’m sure you’ll keep up other activities on the site. And I’m no one to talk, as I have my own blog outside of the Commons.

    It has been great see you get increasingly involved in the Commons, and I’m similarly excited to see how deeply enmeshed you are in #ds106. Watch out for that Groom fellow, though — he’s trouble.

    Your feed is now in my reader. Looking forward to seeing what you publish next.

    1. [Not]Trivial Avatar

      Thanks Matt, for everything. And I’ve definitely drank the Bava Kool-Aid. But hopefully this site will allow me to maintain a mind of my own. 🙂