Ode to Timmmmyboy!

Thanks to Tim Owen’s Streaming for Pennies post that has been powering DTLT Today’s live stream, I now have an internet broadcast channel of my own without ads, for pennies. Daniel Phelps and I are really excited about the possibilities (above is an illustration of how easily we are entertained). We’re going to start by using the stream to broadcast York College’s graduation on Friday (bit of a snooze cast, but we’ll see). But I’m particularly interested in the CUNY Academic Commons using the stream allowing members to share presentations, for teaching, and for exploring anything else they can imagine as a live broadcast. I know that we’ll be able to get CUNY DHI and Blogs@Baruch involved right away.

Timmmmyboy you should check out an iOS app Daniel Phelps discovered, Livu, which allows you to stream directly to a Wowza server from your phone. Right now it only allows you to tap into the videocamera on the phone, but there are plans for the app to stream previously recorded audio and video. Kind of like a Wirecast on your phone. How crazy is that!






2 responses to “Ode to Timmmmyboy!”

  1. Tim Owens Avatar

    We’ve used Livu a few times and it’s great if you need just mobile access to a stream. Obviously limiting if you want to pull in other media so it would be cool to see them add something like that.

    I was impressed by an app t’all use for Reelmasters, I think it was called iWebCamera or something like that? Seemed incredibly responsive when jumping between that and other Wirecast shots. Most of our mobile stuff has been using Desktop Presenter on a feed from Skype which isn’t as great.

    I’ll be excited to see what y’all do with the Wowza stuff!

  2. Michael Branson Smith Avatar

    That app was pretty cool, I’ll have to ask Danny about it. Basically it involves two apps one on the phone and one on the desktop. When running on the phone, the desktop app turns the video stream to read as a usb video stream which lots of different applications can use.

    I think Danny’s hooked and will setup his own stream as well. Then we can all play with the aggregating of streams into Wirecast, that could be an interesting alternative to Skype. You have various streams which become basically video call-in lines. There would need to be a simple desktop broadcaster (and freeish) to do that. Though the iphone broadcaster would be useful for that.