Can’t Take Down the Reclaim Hosting Kong

  I know this is an August 2013 ds106 challenge for IamTalkyTina, but I have Reclaim Hosting on the mind,  so I thought I’d use this Dancing Jim Groom GIF to talk about that. And ds106 has a lot to do with the work that Tim Owens and Jim Groom are doing to extend the model of getting… Continue reading Can’t Take Down the Reclaim Hosting Kong

All I Need Is a Tasty Ethos

I think I get what Jim’s going after with this new animated GIF assignment, At Least It’s an Ethos. At first I thought I should just discover a well articulated life philosophy and Spicolli’s renouncing the material life is well, perfect. But then there was the thing about attaching an -ism to this ethos. So I… Continue reading All I Need Is a Tasty Ethos

Tector Gorch, Scorches on the Gatlin Gun

Tector Gorch is one of Syke’s gang members from The Wild Bunch. He took his turn on the gun in the final shootout with the Mapache and Federales with particular relish. He and his brother Lyle both are shot repeatedly as they took turns on the Gatlin Gun. This little fourteen frame GIF was made using the animation… Continue reading Tector Gorch, Scorches on the Gatlin Gun

Uncontrollable Urge to GIF

  If you’re a fan of post punk new wave music I highly recommend watching the 1982 film, Urgh! A Music War. Apparently this film which features the The Go-Go’s, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Dead Kennedys, The Police, of course Devo and many many more awesome acts was regularly broadcast on the USA network during the early days of cable. And… Continue reading Uncontrollable Urge to GIF

Wocka Wocka Wocka!

  I’ve always connected with Fozzie the Bear. When he tries to be funny, he fails miserably. And when he’s just himself he’s hilarious. Fozzie basically performs best when he’s not performing. Like Fozzie I’m guilty of trying too hard, unsure of what others find funny or interesting. I love Fozzie’s courage (ignorance?), he’s bombing… Continue reading Wocka Wocka Wocka!

Day of the MOOC now Animated!

  Some MOOCs are wicked scary, but even more horrifying when turned into an animated movie poster. This is a Riff a GIF of David Kernohan’s Day of the MOOC poster for the Horror of the MOOCs assignment. Remixing other people’s work in ds106 is one of the best things to do to show your love.


After having created a few GIF assignments to help seed the DS106 GIFfest which officially started today, I needed to get a submission done! Andrew Forgrave’s GIF the DS106 came to mind with my third semester of teaching DS106 ending tomorrow. It’s hard to believe how many York College students have been working through the ds106 assignment bin creating so… Continue reading DS106 STRATEGY