Can’t Take Down the Reclaim Hosting Kong



I know this is an August 2013 ds106 challenge for IamTalkyTina, but I have Reclaim Hosting on the mind,  so I thought I’d use this Dancing Jim Groom GIF to talk about that. And ds106 has a lot to do with the work that Tim Owens and Jim Groom are doing to extend the model of getting students to take control of their digital identities. So Tim belongs in this GIF as well with his involvement in the project (I’ll redux this with the Slide Guy soon)! Done.


I’m hoping this will finally provide a sustainable way to get our students in the York College CT program domains regularly, with at least 40 students taking ds106 every semester. It’s not a lot of domains, but it will be something I believe I can get the institution to support financially on a regular basis.


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That is a funny GIF. You are making @jimgroom look like he is King Kong, on top of the building in the movie King Kong. When the airplanes come.

I think that maybe somebody was trying to take down this morning or the Hippies were up late last night listening to #ds106radio and forgot to feed the hamsters that run in the wheels that make the electricity for the servers that power the Hippie Hosting that is hosted on. Because there was some kind of error message when it didn’t work before this morning. But it seems to work now. So the hamsters must have had their brekke and are back in the wheels making electricity for the servers for

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