All I Need Is a Tasty Ethos



I think I get what Jim’s going after with this new animated GIF assignment, At Least It’s an Ethos. At first I thought I should just discover a well articulated life philosophy and Spicolli’s renouncing the material life is well, perfect. But then there was the thing about attaching an -ism to this ethos. So I did the best I could to find one.


2 responses to “All I Need Is a Tasty Ethos”

  1. Jim Groom Avatar

    Brilliant! I love it, and cannabism is a new -ism for me, but I fully support it! Now what font ans style did you use to match the Cannabism so perfectly. I gave up after a while.

  2. mbransons Avatar

    In the Urban Dictionary you can find an ethos for just about anyone. I should add a ds106ism that would get Downes to yell, Hort! Hort! Hort!

    The font is a regular Helvetica at 18pt, but the secret sauce is to add an outer glow using the layer style. It’s a bit of a pain because the default transition is yellow to transparent, which has to be changed to black to black full opacity in normal mode.