After having created a few GIF assignments to help seed the DS106 GIFfest which officially started today, I needed to get a submission done! Andrew Forgrave’s GIF the DS106 came to mind with my third semester of teaching DS106 ending tomorrow. It’s hard to believe how many York College students have been working through the ds106 assignment bin creating so many different pieces.

It’s an overwhelming course at times, teaching semester after semester, and this spring I’m going to have a colleague teach one of the sections so that will be some relief, changing the dynamic a lot. I continue to be amazed by the resulting change in students’ perspective on their work and mapping out their own educational path.

The DS106 strategy has been paying off, a big win for my growth as well as an instructor. It’s hard for me to think about the amount of work I’ve done in the almost two years since discovering ds106. Totally nuclear.


3 responses to “DS106 STRATEGY”

  1. Alan Levine Avatar

    Keeping it at DEFCON 5!

  2. Andrew Forgrave Avatar

    Winner: Education.

    I like that.
    Very cool. This also reminds me of the video game scene between Bond and Largo (Sean Connery and Klaus Maria Brandauer) in the Thunderball remake, Never Say Never Again. Bond competes against Largo in a game called Global Domination, or something like that — with missiles arching across the globe, sending electric shocks into the game controller so that each “general” feels his soldiers’ pain.

  3. Ben Avatar

    All I can hear in my head is Jim Groom’s voice as Dr. Oblivion, “Would you like to play a game?”

    The end of the GIF is the real killer though, damn, way to nail it! We all win when we learn, and GIF, together.