So there’s this competition and it involves making GIFs

via GifTournament Hype Gifs This is a start to a hopeful series of posts on how I Grok GIFs in which I make GIFs for and explain a particular GIF type, culture, or phenomena. Last week I made it through the first round of GifTournament Battle #4! I’m a contender. I can make rad GIFs! But what’s GifTournament? Why blog […]

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Ruining heroes to better understand the GIF

On goes the quest to better Grok the GIF. Yesterday I discovered the subreddit Behind the GIFs. Which is basically MS Paint comics with an animated GIF ending. The posts originally explained the backstory of popular GIFs from infomercials. This post is labeled the inspiration, so possibly it is the first one (not sure). And here’s […]

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Concrete to Data Breakout!

A couple of weeks ago I was able to attend the opening of Concrete to Data, an exhibition currently open at the Steinberg Museum of Art. The show is a culmination of a two year effort by Ryan Seslow to bring together graffiti writers, street artists, photographers, and digital artists to reflect on past and current practices. Over […]

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Let ‘Em Breathe Fire

Next Monday I’m really excited to start teaching with Ryan Seslow for the first time. I’ve been lucky to work with Ryan on a bunch of projects, recently my favorites being GIFFight and Animating Transit. We’re going to combine two sections of CT 101 Digital Storytelling, which is inspired and still heavily influenced by the […]

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If You Understand Me, Just Grunt

Another GIF Fight has brought again a bunch of imaginative work created by the original Giffighters and lots of new faces mostly from the ds106 community. I still need to do a proper blog post about GIFFight, but you can read about the origin of the project on Giphy. For now I just wanted to […]

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(s)Tumbled Onto My Hitchcock Posters

Yesterday I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed and suddenly saw my animated Rear Window movie poster as part of a collection of animated GIF movie posters posted by The Creators Project. Well how did that happen? Apparently ten days ago an imgur user with an impossibly long username had collected a number of animated movie […]

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Seeing Squares

There was a moment of epiphany that I had today and I’m pretty sure it had something to do with seeing the dazzling animated squares by John Johnston above. It was actually quite lucky that I saw this piece in my Tumblr feed which is filled with visual interestingness. But the post found it’s way to […]

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All MOOCs and No Play Makes University Dull

A few days ago Audrey Watters tweeted a Say What Again Meme about MOOCs. I pictured this particular Jules as a faculty member or instructional technologist finally freaking out on the administrator that is pressing him and the college to hurry up and join the future of higher education. Yes the MOOC craze could lead to […]

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Three Wheeling After Bambi

This animated GIF is built using another graphic gift I made from a 1983 Montgomery Ward Catalog of the boy on a three wheeler. Once I cleaned up the PNG, I was trying to think of how I might race this three wheeler. But before I decided to run down Bambi, I first set out how […]

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Beastie Boys When I First Saw Them

I recently came across via BoingBoing this graphic designer that hosts a site Phil are Go! where he occasionally posts ‘graphic gifts.’ These are pieces of clip art that he’s created by lovingly extracting a particular graphic from a vintage advertisement. This exercise would be a great ds106 assignment for a couple reasons *UPDATE now a ds106 […]