This week we look at the motion tracking tool so that you can create null objects which follow a set of contrasting pixels frame-by-frame in a video. Then text can be created and parented to the null object which allows you to have text follow a character like this. Or mask the head like this: For … Continue reading “GET OFF OF ME!!!!”

  • Reverse Animal Rescue: Abandoning 13 Kittens

    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, never mind following through with a post about GIF culture under the I Grok GIFs series. So why not toss some kittens in the yard and restart this thing. Reverse Animal Rescue is a subreddit that evolved out of r/reversegif and a sick sense of humor which imagines upgrading […]

  • So there’s this competition and it involves making GIFs

    via GifTournament Hype Gifs This is a start to a hopeful series of posts on how I Grok GIFs in which I make GIFs for and explain a particular GIF type, culture, or phenomena. Last week I made it through the first round of GifTournament Battle #4! I’m a contender. I can make rad GIFs! But what’s GifTournament? Why blog […]

  • Ruining heroes to better understand the GIF

    Ruining heroes to better understand the GIF

    On goes the quest to better Grok the GIF. Yesterday I discovered the subreddit Behind the GIFs. Which is basically MS Paint comics with an animated GIF ending. The posts originally explained the backstory of popular GIFs from infomercials. This post is labeled the inspiration, so possibly it is the first one (not sure). And here’s […]

  • A MBS Special Presentation

    Last week I had the pleasure of being a visiting artist at the University of Mary Washington, hosted by Jim Groom and Zach Walen for their Console Living Room exhibit on campus. Their installation revisits the hub of family entertainment as you might have found it in a household of the early 1980s. The wood paneling […]

  • Concrete to Data Breakout!

    A couple of weeks ago I was able to attend the opening of Concrete to Data, an exhibition currently open at the Steinberg Museum of Art. The show is a culmination of a two year effort by Ryan Seslow to bring together graffiti writers, street artists, photographers, and digital artists to reflect on past and current practices. Over […]

  • Personal collections become public archives

    creative commons licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Ludovico Sinz [Cane Rosso (busy!)] The genre geek that I am, I used to frequent Star Trek and Comic Con conventions in the early 1990s. I love the fandom that exists in cosplay or the stockpiling of toys/action cards – but by far my favorite […]

  • Advice from my students on nurturing work

    creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-ND ) flickr photo shared by Hypercoregz Recently the Communications Technology program has been growing quite a bit, so much so that I’ve been able to offer and teach our portfolio course, CT 399, for upper level majors every fall and spring semester. The course is a single credit two hour […]

  • Hooker Light Ray Gun, 1942

    I caught on to this daily create a few days ago which asks you to search Google’s database of U.S. patents, find an interesting image and turn it into a vintage blueprint. Love it! I’ve been working on an old piece of work (—->) so I had ray guns on my mind. Searching for the specific […]

  • Let ‘Em Breathe Fire

    Next Monday I’m really excited to start teaching with Ryan Seslow for the first time. I’ve been lucky to work with Ryan on a bunch of projects, recently my favorites being GIFFight and Animating Transit. We’re going to combine two sections of CT 101 Digital Storytelling, which is inspired and still heavily influenced by the […]