• Animating Transit

    Platform – Creative Musings on Mass Transit is an exhibition series created by The Transit Museum which invites artists, writers, and performers to reflect/respond to NYC transit and the innumerable emotions and stories that arise when New Yorkers think about the subway. If you’re not from NYC, one way you might be able to appreciate […]

  • This Way! Wait no that way.

    There is a new profession of trail blazers, those who find delight in the task of establishing useful trails through the enormous mass of the common record. Vannevar Bush in 1945 basically imagined both the personal computer and the internet in his memorex device. But what was also prescient is how he imagined that there would be people that […]

  • When my mind drifts – I feel

    When I think about my wife and children I feel warmth, attachment, satisfaction. When I think about my email inbox I feel overwhelmed – always. When I think about impressive works of writing, art, film, I have feelings of admiration, at other times envy, and the best feeling is that of inspiration. These are all […]

  • If You Understand Me, Just Grunt

    Another GIF Fight has brought again a bunch of imaginative work created by the original Giffighters and lots of new faces mostly from the ds106 community. I still need to do a proper blog post about GIFFight, but you can read about the origin of the project on Giphy. For now I just wanted to […]

  • Freedom River

    They knew that the power of freedom would renew their hope and replenish their energy. They did not know that too much pride could blind them. They did not know that too much pride could make them arrogant. They barred from it people that looked unfamiliar or talked differently in the false belief that strangers […]

  • EmojiMovie!!!

    So I saw a tweet from Sava which was simply a single emojicon. A vehicle which was a while-driving-safe-texting-wink to her entering the radio city. But I really didn’t know that at the time. I just saw the little car in the tweet. And I was about to reply tweet with some random emojicons, finding […]

  • (s)Tumbled Onto My Hitchcock Posters

    Yesterday I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed and suddenly saw my animated Rear Window movie poster as part of a collection of animated GIF movie posters posted by The Creators Project. Well how did that happen? Apparently ten days ago an imgur user with an impossibly long username had collected a number of animated movie […]

  • Seeing Squares

    There was a moment of epiphany that I had today and I’m pretty sure it had something to do with seeing the dazzling animated squares by John Johnston above. It was actually quite lucky that I saw this piece in my Tumblr feed which is filled with visual interestingness. But the post found it’s way to […]

  • 16th Century Nyan Rocket Cat

    ) Early this morning I was so very lucky to see this tweet from Gardner Campbell (he has a habit of tweeting out interesting internet tidbits in the AM): "Scholars & journalists live on the Internet like everybody else, & sometimes a small spark can ignite larger fires." http://t.co/4fODFHiEnB — Gardner Campbell (@GardnerCampbell) March 12, […]

  • Hey DS106Radio, Just Because…

    Honestly this is more of a technical post in terms of graphic design, but it focuses on my love of ds106radio. So there’s that. Andrew Allingham made this wonderful design for ds106radio in its 2011 infancy, and it has sustained. There have been other admirable attempts to create art for ds106radio. But Andrew’s vision continues […]