So I saw a tweet from Sava which was simply a single emojicon. A vehicle which was a while-driving-safe-texting-wink to her entering the radio city. But I really didn’t know that at the time. I just saw the little car in the tweet. And I was about to reply tweet with some random emojicons, finding… Continue reading EmojiMovie!!!

Seeing Squares

There was a moment of epiphany that I had today and I’m pretty sure it had something to do with seeing the dazzling animated squares by John Johnston above. It was actually quite lucky that I saw this piece in my Tumblr feed which is filled with visual interestingness. But the post found it’s way to… Continue reading Seeing Squares

Reposted: CUNY Is You, Me, Everybody

I wrote this a couple months back for the CUNY Academic Commons blog Ground Control as a project team member contribution. It was published last Friday, and wanted to republish it on my personal blog because I love the Commons, CUNY, and the Blues Brothers so much!  Jake and Elwood, brothers not by blood but… Continue reading Reposted: CUNY Is You, Me, Everybody

I’ll Tumblr For Ya

My poor blog has been ignored for far too long in favor of another. Yes I’ve been seduced by that simpler, easier, reflection-lite blogging platform Tumblr. Seven months ago it started innocently enough with a post including a few animated GIFs. I thought that it would be a great place to deposit GIFs that I’d… Continue reading I’ll Tumblr For Ya

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Print a Nuclear Bomb

So the conversation about the future of 3D Printing is being highjacked by a man that is proselytizing that real openness only exists if we can have access to ‘things that institutions and industries have an interest in keeping from us – things like access, drugs, goods, guns.’ Yes guns! We need to print guns! Libertarians will… Continue reading How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Print a Nuclear Bomb

Sandy Stories

This post was meant for a couple weeks ago and I”m finally finishing it. Hurricane Sandy has passed and isn’t really a headline anymore. But I still have friends that will be without their homes for months. I pitched in the best I could, but my good friend Eric is grappling with the reality of… Continue reading Sandy Stories

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We’ll Keep Building At York College

When I started at York College eleven years ago supporting the edtech department (aside –  holy crap this is the longest job I’ve ever held), I was given the opportunity to look at a proposal for a communications technology major that had been dormant since 1991. At first I was, “huh what’s communications technology, it’s… Continue reading We’ll Keep Building At York College

Bortusk Leer Blue Monster Says Hi

I discovered Bortusk Leer with my son two years ago in an area of Dumbo that is very popular with street artists. The old shipping warehouse on Water St. has had scaffolding for years (at least all the time I’ve seen it), which has provided an environment for lots of great graffiti. I took a… Continue reading Bortusk Leer Blue Monster Says Hi

The Daily Create is Good Therapy (Couch, Group, Shock Included)

Sometimes I’m rolling and creating stuff, and sharing it in the blog. And sometimes I’m dragging. It’s a battle to get the creative mojo going at times and whenever I’m feeling down, I turn to the daily create. The little assignments help me push through when I feel like I’m sucking at I don’t know,… Continue reading The Daily Create is Good Therapy (Couch, Group, Shock Included)