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The Daily Create is Good Therapy (Couch, Group, Shock Included)

Mellow Yellow

Sometimes I’m rolling and creating stuff, and sharing it in the blog. And sometimes I’m dragging. It’s a battle to get the creative mojo going at times and whenever I’m feeling down, I turn to the daily create. The little assignments help me push through when I feel like I’m sucking at I don’t know, EVERYTHING!

An so when I’m in a bad mood about my work, these little tasks are important, not just because they get to make something. Probably more importantly because you to share them. And when I do, I’m also excited to see others play along. Each day has it’s own energy, as you never know how many people will complete a particular assignment. Abstracted animals did well and  Emergency everyday moments…not so much.

But each daily create is an opportunity to sit in a group with others working on their art. And each day you have this chance to say, “Hi, I’m Michael Branson Smith and it’s been a few days since I was creative, but today I made an electrified banana.”

DS106 TDC community response, “Thanks MBS for sharing, cool banana!”


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