Can’t Take Down the Reclaim Hosting Kong

  I know this is an August 2013 ds106 challenge for IamTalkyTina, but I have Reclaim Hosting on the mind,  so I thought I’d use this Dancing Jim Groom GIF to talk about that. And ds106 has a lot to do with the work that Tim Owens and Jim Groom are doing to extend the model of getting […]

ds106 Teaching and Learning

Bridging to a Better DS106 Class

With the help of Tim Owens and, York College is for the first time starting a semester of ds106 with every single student up with their own domain in the FIRST WEEK! It’s hard to describe how great this has been as in typical semesters I have at least ten or so students out […]

Digital Identity Teaching and Learning

Ode to Timmmmyboy!

Thanks to Tim Owen’s Streaming for Pennies post that has been powering DTLT Today’s live stream, I now have an internet broadcast channel of my own without ads, for pennies. Daniel Phelps and I are really excited about the possibilities (above is an illustration of how easily we are entertained). We’re going to start by […]

Digital Storytelling

DS106 Radio One Year Anniversary

An animated GIF to mark the launch of the most fabulous broadcasting station ever.