Keep It Sealed – Keep It Clean

The #ETMOOC animated GIF conversation hosted by Jim Groom last night ended with a brief discussion of the potential the GIF to be cooped by the advertising industry. Seeking to capture the eyeballs of the ever shorter and shorter attention spans of the browsers of the internet the GIF seems perfect.

*UPDATE – This is actually a ds106 assignment too! Where did the Soda Go?

I thought I might give the corporates a look at what a proper GIF advertising campaign’s assets might look like. Your lovely video has me wondering how I might spray your lovely solution over every surface of my home to keep it free from dirt, marks, and/or stains. But these little GIF nuggets are the real viral bits to slather all over the internet.






5 responses to “Keep It Sealed – Keep It Clean”

  1. Alan Levine Avatar

    I can see Madge using a GIF for Palmolive (“you’re soaking in it!”) — it was a valuable question that maybe we can only guess at. Maybe the see the repeated motion as being distracting? too frenetic? or waiting got the magic of 6 second video loops?

  2. Michael Branson Smith Avatar

    Alan I think you’re right in that not only too frenetic, but it the repetitions reveal how inane the activity is. Make’s me think of the absurd salesman from Robocop.

  3. Tom Avatar

    I bathe in that stuff.

    You might like this collection of nothing but infomercial style spill gifs. I want to make a MOOC infomercial.

    1. mbransons Avatar

      MOOComerical. Let’s make that happen. Only need Jim’s basement as a set. I’ve stayed there it’s perfect.

  4. […] to Tom Woodward for these GIF infomericals which builds on Michael Branson Smith’s homegrown collection and reminds me of what Brian Lamb said in our GIF session last week: at its best a GIF is a joke. I […]