Hello Zombie

Andrew Forgrave discovered these great zombified corporate logos created by Ben Fellows and a new ds106 assignment was born – or better yet undead – Logos For The Zombie Apocalypse!

I felt that logos which employed characters would work best, Ben’s zombie NBA is my favorite. So I did a quick search for corporate logos, and Hello Kitty jumped out at me as a good candidate for losing it’s sweet soul. Zombie Kitty definitely needed to have her little ear tattered a bit from a bite, and I roughed up her nice bow as well. Drawing her little rabid zombie mouth was probably the most challenging, but it was based on this weirdsmith cat. And for final touches the logo was remixed using a Japan font (really) from Dafont.

Great design assignment Andrew, thanks for creating it!





3 responses to “Hello Zombie”

  1. Andrew Forgrave Avatar

    First off the mark with a Zombie Logo, I see. Very nice! Poor kitty.
    Ben Fellowes’ logos were a wonderful idea, and perfect for a design assignment. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Tyler Avatar

    Not much a fan of Hello Kitty or zombies but together it’s almost more bearable. Almost.

  3. mbransons Avatar

    @Andrew I’m starting to think that Bill the Cat would have been a perfect zombie hello kitty without any editing. Except despite Bill’s lack of brain power, he’s too much of a free spirit – not a follower of the horde.

    @Tyler I want to see some proper anime zombies then!