Hello Zombie

Andrew Forgrave discovered these great zombified corporate logos created by Ben Fellows and a new ds106 assignment was born – or better yet undead – Logos For The Zombie Apocalypse! I felt that logos which employed characters would work best, Ben’s zombie NBA is my favorite. So I did a quick search for corporate logos, and Hello Kitty jumped… Continue reading Hello Zombie

Psycho Animated Movie Poster

Phew! This poster is done! It was harder to make than the previous four Hitchcock posters to date, but the real problem was that other efforts became a distraction over the past few weeks (good stuff honestly). But I was able to lock in over the past couple of days and I spent most of… Continue reading Psycho Animated Movie Poster

Electronic Games Animated Magazine Cover

As soon as Jim created this assignment and seeded it with his terrific Famous Monsters of Filmland animated magazine cover, I knew I had to do it. This is cover of the first issue of the fan magazine Electronic Games published in the Winter of 1981. Nightrob has a great set of EG cover art in his Flickr… Continue reading Electronic Games Animated Magazine Cover

Reorienting My Compass, North by Northwest?

It’s been over a year since I first discovered ds106 and it’s amazing to me how much creative energy I’ve discovered since then – I’ve made more work in the past year than I have in the previous ten, seriously. Ok this isn’t exactly true, I’ve made many things over the past decade, but they’ve… Continue reading Reorienting My Compass, North by Northwest?

Rear Window Animated Movie Poster

Alan Levine’s post about watching cool flick’s with Jim Groom finally got me to get of the snide and finish this animated movie poster for the amazing Hitchcock classic Rear Window. I have an older post with animated GIFs from Rear Window, but all things GIF need to ratcheted up a notch every few weeks.… Continue reading Rear Window Animated Movie Poster

Bad Guy Business Cards – David Lynch Edition

So what’s really surprised me recently is how my phone could suddenly be such a big part of my design process. I’ve used Photoshop and Illustrator for years, to touch up photos, create logos, set typography, etc. But in the past few weeks I’ve been bouncing images back and forth between my mac and my… Continue reading Bad Guy Business Cards – David Lynch Edition

Karateka – Animated Floppy GIF

If there is one videogame I’m certain that I spent a few hundred hours playing, it’s definitely Karateka on the Commodore 64. Karateka a simple fighter game, which like most games of that time was really hard to complete, as there was no option to ‘save’ and pick up where you left off. The game… Continue reading Karateka – Animated Floppy GIF

A purely unapologetic piece of DS106 branding

Cogdog’s DS106 propaganda post was taken to task by Stephen Downes for “over-branding” ds106. Is the DS106 to much hype? Not real enough? Adrift in a cult of personality? F****THAT #4LIFE. As Martha mentioned in her comment on Cogdog’s post, there’s nothing but love out there in ds106. No hating on someone for not being… Continue reading A purely unapologetic piece of DS106 branding

I Can Read Breaking Away

For the I Can Read Movies DS106 Design assignment, I created a cover for one of my all time favorite films, Breaking Away. If you haven’t seen the film it’s the story of four friends after high school that grew up in a college town, not feeling they were ever to go themselves. Their families… Continue reading I Can Read Breaking Away