It’s all about the X

I hear by announce my plan to bring together my various personal and professional identities – Michael Branson Smith, mbransons, mbsmith, msmith, MBS, and any other combination(s) imaginable or not, using my name’s letters to create anagrams, homonyms, heterographs, heteronyms – as a non-for-profit until a profitable subsidiary is formed with the eXtreme, eXtraodinary, eXistential brand of MBSx.

This transformation will make accessible for the first time the eXclusive brand of me to an even larger audience. This X factored personification of myself should not be confused any of the following types of X branding:

edX – A revolution brewing in Boston and beyond. It does not have to do with tea. It does not have to do with the Boston Harbor. It does not have to do with guns. And it does not have to do with the sword.

MITx – Briefly a revolution.

TEDx – Making a bookish, nerdy, hip, brainiac members only event full of expressions of brilliance, transformation, and integration available to a more bookish, nerdy, hip, brainiac members. And never to be confused with The Endocrine Disruption Exchange.

Super Bowl X – Known as the ‘one-for-the-left-index-finger’ when counting Pittsburgh Steelers championships sequentially starting with the left pinkie (the preferred way for a man to wear a ring in the 70s) continuing across the hand to the ‘one-for-the-(left)thumb’ and to the present quest (with 7 digits bejeweled) ‘one-for-the-right-middle-finger.’

Occupy X – A whack-a-mole search filter in China.

FedX – TravelplansIneedtobeinNewYorkonMondayLAonTuesdayNewYorkonWednesday
LAonThursdayNewYorkonFriday. Got it?

X-Men – A description of individuals with the X-gene which is known to trigger the use of aberrant expressions such as ‘Welcome to die.’

X Factor – An event that turns people into idols and assholes.

Factor X – Too little of it and you’ll get nosebleeds.

X8 – A less daunting Scrabble letter if you know your five twos (AX, EX, OX, XI, XU) and 36 threes.

.xxx – No not that atrocious Vin Diesel movie and it’s only voluntary.

And finally never, ever to be confused with Generation X because there is nothing more fascinating than going up in the 80s and myself.







4 responses to “It’s all about the X”

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  2. Alan Levine (@cogdog) Avatar

    Xcellent. You mark the spot.

  3. boshastruve Avatar

    XXXceptional and as always xxxtra funny. I love your posts (and photographs). I also want to know if TEDx is connected to the nerdy, hip, brainiac members of ds106 (but not to be confused with the little mentioned “DS106 Mental Disruption Exchange Phenomena” which appears that you have been exposed to and is incurable.

  4. mbransons Avatar

    @Alan I see you are about to get in the ‘x’ games, good for you. @boshastruve DS106 recently flirted with TEDxNYED and I’m hoping the ds106 mental disruption doesn’t blow up my head.