It Had To Be Murder

I’ve been playing with animation timing in these two animated GIFs. I’m trying to find ways to use fewer frames and still tell the story I’m looking for. In this moment of Rear Window Raymond Burr finally realizes that he’s being watched by someone across the building court yard and James Stewart knows he’s found out.





3 responses to “It Had To Be Murder”

  1. Jim Groom Avatar

    I love the way you are experimenting with the boundaries of the animated GIF. This is mind-blowing, and having both shots on screen side-by-side is amazing? Remarkable. Now I have to think about what series of shots I can think about with bring something like this to life. Amazing.

  2. Lou McGill Avatar

    Excellent choice and very well exectuted. I now have folders full of gifs but keep aspiring to this kind of impact. keep them coming.

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