Here at camp I’ve finally worked through my Bootstrap tutorials and created a spec site for a much larger project that I’m hoping to work on this summer. As part of my learning to code binge , I’m planning to learn the basics of Python and OpenCV to try and make an image processing application. The goal is to make a tool which would allow someone to upload still(s) from a modern movie and create a retro VHS case design. I know I can create all the cover design assets – box format, stickers, logos, and worn edges – but building the tool will be daunting. I’ve always wanted to build an image editing tool, Ryan and I have loved so many awesome ones. I have Python and OpenCV tutorials to get me started, so we’ll see how much I can figure out. The Modern VHS site’s form actually works (my new PHP skills in action), so if I ever get it working and you want to know about it – join the mailing list.

And to be good about summer camp letters to myself, I’m reporting out on my Modern VHS spec site built in Bootstrap.

I’m definitely getting a bit more comfortable with creating custom css to adapt all the various components to look the way I want them. But working with all the classes in particular the break points for columns and the offsets requires a lot of futzing. And getting the inline form to actually center, was only possible due to Stackoverflow. As well it helped with properly formatting a form inside the Jumbrotron. I just love how much sharing of solutions happens on that site. Amazing. Also, I did get my card stack of the three example VHS covers to break from three, to two, to one. I like the two columns much better than seeing three columns really narrow.

And as for campers, well no students showed yesterday but today I have one. Also, Mariana Funes and I are still keeping each other company via a Google Doc. It’s starting to become a nice little record of our learning and discourse. I definitely helps me keep going. Thanks Mariana!