Hey DS106Radio, Just Because…

Honestly this is more of a technical post in terms of graphic design, but it focuses on my love of ds106radio. So there’s that.

Andrew Allingham made this wonderful design for ds106radio in its 2011 infancy, and it has sustained. There have been other admirable attempts to create art for ds106radio. But Andrew’s vision continues to resonate with its imagery of apocalypse, nod to its technology, and accepted cool factor.

Andrew admitted his artwork was probably too low a resolution for shirts, posters, etc. So this is where this post’s effort comes into play. I rebuilt the artwork using techniques that I first developed to trace old school WWF wrestling art. The result is a scaleable vector version of Alan’s logo. Here’s a PDF, but also a zip of the .ai file which separates the five colors by layers.

This GIF shows the separations.


I found the original font Andrew used for his design from Dafont.com called Coallition. So Andrew Forgrave please be sure to remix this version of the logo in the ds106rad.io style!

As always remix, reuse, rock.






4 responses to “Hey DS106Radio, Just Because…”

  1. Andrew Forgrave Avatar

    Most excellent! I am on it! I’ll just need to find my original GIF remix .psd and then I’ll combine the two. The font for “Your New Old Radio Friend” has always been harder to read at a small scale than I’d like. I’ll fiddle with that, too.

    One it’s done, would it be stepping on original toes to place the updated high rez ds106rad.io remix to the ds106zone store for folks to order? T-shirt? Water bottle? Poster?

    1. mbransons Avatar

      Please post it to the store!!! And add Property of DS106 too!

  2. Andrew Forgrave Avatar

    Great job on the vector art, Michael!!

    An updated DS106RAD.IO Apocalypse-design T-shirt and poster are up! I’ve written about them … Because it’s #4life and they are in the ds106zone store on Zazzle. Enjoy!

    1. mbransons Avatar

      Thanks for putting them up. Going to get me a t-shirt soon!