Sandmen Logan 5 and Francis 7 will discover with you the value of “Carrousel” – your chance at continued immortality through the process of renewal. At the age of thirty, your lifeclock comes to an end and the crystal in the palm of your hand begins to blink red. On your “Last Day” you can choose to renew or run. But if you run, Logan 5 and Francis 7 will not be able to ignore your truancy. An inspiring talk delivered every week under the dome.

Logan’s Run, the sci-fi classic from 1976 is the inspiration for this particular dystopian TED talk. But the real inspiration is of course Ben Rimes for creating this awesome assignment for ds106. And for John Johnson inspiring everyone to add the animated GIF, and finally Giulia Forsythe for creating the Fantasy TED talk animated GIF – Beatrix Kiddo & Five Pointed Palm Exploding Heart Technique – my favorite!