Plumb Bob

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Exciting News! Prof. Oliver has asked that I share this recently discovered video. It was found embedded in a comment from a lost blog post in ds106. It’s appears to be from Dr. Oblivion? A message from deep in the internet. We’ve spent many hours attempting to decipher it, but without success so far. Help us!





3 responses to “Plumb Bob”

  1. Jim Groom Avatar

    Does it mean we are all O’Blivion now?

  2. Alan Liddell Avatar

    Is it that Dr. O is the sum of all the people behind him?

    But what’s that background?

  3. Dr. Oliver Avatar
    Dr. Oliver

    Alan and Mr. Groom, I’ve heard a bit about the trials Dr. Obilivion met as he lead the DS106 course last summer. Mr. Smith and I discovered this message a week ago and have been attempting to make some sense of this apparent message. I believe the poor Dr. Oblivion in his distress at the end of this past summer made a perilous solo attempt to journey deep into the internet. He must have made this digital walkabout to search for some solace after losing so much of his digital identity in the past few months.

    I’ve struggled to translate this “ticky-ticky-tock” piece of information, but feel a break through may come soon.

    Thanks so much for joining me in this journey!