Oblivion Report

You can visit a working version of the Oblivion Report on Bo.lt or on my Site.

I decided to rework the Drudge Report for my web-story, using Bo.lt. Bo.lt was pretty great to work with as you could switch between the visual editor and HTML. Definitely easier than using Firebug, and hosting is provided. I also archived the HTML on my own site here.

I’ll admit no particular affinity for the politics of Matt Drudge, but I like the simplicity of his site, and the fact that somehow he’s avoided updating his code forever. It’s actually a dinosaur in terms of its antiquated HTML, CSS, and general web design asthetic. More importantly though, he toyed with news aggregation by creating his own headlines to linked stories. He’d often write little narratives across a sequence of linked headlines, usually tracking a particular story topic.

For the “Oblivion Report” I re-aggregated about 30 blog posts on the ds106 site. I forced myself to not skip any and worked backwards starting with yesterday’s posts until I ran out of steam. I hope people enjoy the playfulness in a number of the headlines.





3 responses to “Oblivion Report”

  1. Graham Manning Avatar

    Impressive job, I considered doing the Drudge Report but there’s just so many headlines on there I was overwhelmed by how creative I would have needed to be.

  2. Kinzie Brooks Avatar

    Wow, great job. It seems like a very tedious web story. I love the headlines that you came up with for each blog. Nice work!

    1. [Not]Trivial Avatar

      The tedium is sometimes a battle when building projects. But the idea along only goes so far. What’s great though is to have a community to interact with and push you to keep going.