Jim Groom Professes His Monstrosity

Jim Groom finally lets the ds106 and ds107 communities know the truth about the monster within himself and how he has no ability to control it.

God help all of us in ds106 and ds107.
[youtube width=”580″ height=”470″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Zy6OBgry0o[/youtube]






6 responses to “Jim Groom Professes His Monstrosity”

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  2. Kathleen Johnson (@SIMKathy) Avatar

    Love love love this! What program are you using to edit the video, audio? So good I bookmarked it.

    1. [Not]Trivial Avatar

      I’ve been editing video on Final Cut Pro for a number of years now, so I’m most comfortable with it. But most of the types of editing I did can be done in iMovie. You can even work with transparent PNG files like the image of Dr. Oblivion.

  3. Ben Avatar

    I’m going to guess he’s using Adobe Premier to edit these, but I could be wrong.

    At any rate, this is epic! Giant floating unstoppable head of Dr. Oblivion will not haunt my dreams….won’t be able to use the internet anymore without looking over my shoulder, and making sure to clear my cache out.

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