First off thanks Timmmmyboy for creating this assignment and the tutorial to go with it. It was great to be walked through a tool I had  never used before in Photoshop. And second thanks to ds106 for always finding ways to exercise your creative side!

I deviated a little from Tim’s assignment by selecting 30-50 photos from the top 100 when searching for the terms: red, yellow, and blue. I also spent a little time resizing photos in each layer so that they filled the entire layer as well as allowing me to make a some choice about which part of the image I wanted to use. Finally I played around with the various Stack Modes. In the end I chose to use the “Median” for each smart object.

It’s kind of humorous to me how Photoshop basically has created an “Abstract Expressionist” filter for a bunch of images. I wonder what Mark Rothko would have thought about this process. His “multiforms” feel eerily similar – here are a red, yellow and blue.

My deliberation was a mixture of search, selection, and reframing combined with an algorithm. Actually sounds quite “Modernist.”