Have You Seen Dr. Oblivion?

Meeting up with a few DS106ers tonight in NYC. I’m hoping we can poster the town and get some others out there to join the search for Dr. Oblivion. Here’s a PDF of all the posters if you’d like to slap them up anywhere.

Have You Seen Dr. Oblivion?Have You Seen Dr. Oblivion?

Have You Seen Dr. Oblivion?Have You Seen Dr. Oblivion?






6 responses to “Have You Seen Dr. Oblivion?”

  1. Jim Groom Avatar

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. (One for each of them 🙂

  2. Cheryl Colan Avatar

    How very Pop Art!

  3. rowan_peter Avatar

    Nice work Michael!
    I love the reduced/stylised look. They’d be awesome as Warhol-esque silkscreens in a fancy art gallery.

  4. […] Even New Yorkers, who should be celebrating their newfound equal rights are instead too busy searching the subways and pasting up posters created by Michael Branson Smith. […]

  5. […] he might be interested in today’s ds106tv broadcast. It shows how I created my “Have You Seen Dr. Oblivion” posters. It teaches the basics of converting a bitmapped image to vectorized one using Adobe […]

  6. Rosa A. Ojeda Ayala Avatar
    Rosa A. Ojeda Ayala

    Loved them!