You Should Blog This Too.

You Should Blog This Too.

One of our graduating Communications Technology majors has been our CT major liaison and community facilitator for the last two years. He was the first student I’ve been able to hire in this role, and we had to learn together what he was going to be able to do to make a difference in the department. It’s been fantastic to have someone who was respected by all his peers and was basically willing to build anything we asked him to. Last year he took the lead and organized our CT Open House that for the first time was actually well attended. In no small part to the many, many emails and phone calls he made to new students, making them feel welcome. He even built a photo booth for the event that was turned into a great video (featuring majors hanging out with Robert the mannequin). He also has been instrumental in helping build the CT major website, writing regular blog posts and facilitating conversation.

So this blog post is for you Iddan. Congratulations and thanks for being a great student, great help to the CT community and giving me a baseball signed by you. Best graduating student present ever. You Rock!

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