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(s)Tumbled Onto My Hitchcock Posters

Yesterday I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed and suddenly saw my animated Rear Window movie poster as part of a collection of animated GIF movie posters posted by The Creators Project. Well how did that happen? Apparently ten days ago an imgur user with an impossibly long username had collected a number of animated movie […]

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Vertigo, Dizzing Educational Awesomeness at UMW

Yes this post is an excuse to show another Alfred Hitchcock animated poster which I made while at UMW’s Faculty Academy (with Rear Window & North By Northwest this makes three, nine to go). But I’m not going to write about the film Vertigo and the designer of this poster Saul Bass. Ok one thing, […]

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Rear Window Animated Movie Poster

Alan Levine’s post about watching cool flick’s with Jim Groom finally got me to get of the snide and finish this animated movie poster for the amazing Hitchcock classic Rear Window. I have an older post with animated GIFs from Rear Window, but all things GIF need to ratcheted up a notch every few weeks. […]