• All MOOCs and No Play Makes University Dull

    A few days ago Audrey Watters tweeted a Say What Again Meme about MOOCs. I pictured this particular Jules as a faculty member or instructional technologist finally freaking out on the administrator that is pressing him and the college to hurry up and join the future of higher education. Yes the MOOC craze could lead to…

  • Day of the MOOC now Animated!

      Some MOOCs are wicked scary, but even more horrifying when turned into an animated movie poster. This is a Riff a GIF of David Kernohan’s Day of the MOOC poster for the Horror of the MOOCs assignment. Remixing other people’s work in ds106 is one of the best things to do to show your love.


    The WOPR, the fictional military supercomputer featured in the film War Games. It was given the job of monitoring nuclear missile silos after too many Air Force missileers refused to launch during a live fire exercise. They figured it would be better to let a supercomputer oversee nuclear apocalypse – let the technology do the job…