How can I help the teaching? That's not what I meant. Do you have a domain name?

Inspired by DS106, an open course on digital storytelling, CT101 is based on the central idea that students should a) have the ability to “own” their own online space and a “domain of their own” and b) there is value in student-centered teaching. This practice, extolled in Mary Ellen Weimer’s book, Learner Centered Teaching, has been a guiding principle for me as a professor. My syllabus for CT 101 digital storytelling was reframed to encourage students to practice creating and reflecting on their own digital presence. Also, I am eager to give students broad latitude to succeed in a course in a way that is self-directed where they set their own goals and pre-define their own success. The result has been increased student focus and deliverables and certainly an unleashing of on-line creativity on their part.