Animating Transit


Michael Branson Smith, 2014

Animating Transit is a collaboration with co-curator and artist Ryan Seslow and the NY Transit Museum. Working with the museum’s photo archive, we invited artists to create a variety of animated GIFs that were featured as part of the museum’s series Platform – Creative Musings on Mass Transit. The work was presented in an installation on the platform of the retired Brooklyn, Court Street Station on June 24, 2014. Blog post about the first show.

Ryan Seslow, Animating Transit GIF Installation

Ryan Seslow, Animating Transit GIF Installation

The project was extended into a second showing in which included an open call to the general public to re-mix archival images illustrating their relationship with the New York City transit system. Ryan Seslow and Michael Branson Smith curated the program again using the museum’s public image archives, as well as personal everyday content taken from NYC transit and NYC transit experiences. The show installation at the NY Transit Museum as part of the Platform – Creative Musings on Mass Transit series, happened exactly one year later on June 25, 2015.

There were approximately 30 people that contributed work in the short time frame we worked but included a number of well know GIF artists including Venezuelan artist G1ft3D. Work that I had contributed to the project was twice featured on Tumblr’s Radar, as well there was coverage of the project by the art criticism site ArtFCity and the NY Observer. The work continues by aggregating animated GIFs into the Animating Transit site.

Below are pieces created by myself for the show:


Favorites submitted to the open call:

Transit Time Warp, 2015, Ryan Seslow

broken buses drive off the lot, Jessica Fenlon, 2015

ecosubwaymap, General Howe, 2015

Light Beam, Eileen MacAvery Kane, 2015