So for next week I’d like you to write a post about how you’d like to spend the remaining six weeks in this class. You’ve knowledge of some very concrete motion graphics skills at this point, but your level of ability to use them probably varies quite a bit.

There are new skills we can consider such as working with 3D layers and cameras, mapping of a 3D space, green screens, and more.

So please start the process by following the “discovery phase,” research the kinds of things you’d like to learn to do and show examples of work and/or tutorials you’ve found. Describe which processes you’d need to learn and what assets you’d need to gather to do the work. Assemble all this thinking in your post for next week.

*UPDATE – And since I said I share my interests:

Have a look at this Terry Gilliam video in which he describes his cutup/collage animation process for Monty Python’s Flying Circus. The Miracle of Flight is a personal favorite. Many of the techniques he employs via stop motion animation could be adapted to After Effects.

Or consider something from a modern motion graphics piece from the opening titles of Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. It’s quite long, but parts from the two minutes might inspire a particular approach to work.

And I’ve mentioned this one before, but begs for an additional plug – the real life doodles subreddit. These are wonderful exercises in storytelling and motion graphics. Here’s a video of a number of examples made by Sean Charmatz.

Someone created a very short tutorial for making real life doodles with After Effects and Mocha. I pretty sure Mocha is on the computers in the classroom too if you’re up for it.