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4 Icon Challenge – They Said I Led a Dull Life

North By Northwest

I still enjoy making my own icons for this assignment using the live trace tool in Illustrator. I made a quick tutorial of how I do this using the Dr. Oblivion image as my example to convert a bitmap to vectors.

And please guess away, the biplane should be the tell tale icon for most!

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You know, I was thinking it was North by Northwest. Not because of the plane but because that’s the only Alfred Hitchcock movie I know/heard of. I read the plot online and I think these icons represent the movie well.

You lost me on the bit maps and vectors. Why did you need those things? Should those on my shopping list along with the long list that went with the explanation of an animated gif? I don’t know if I have that much geekiness in my future, but I’m TRYING to keep up! Still, I went DIY with the icon challenge and scribbled it in my notebook while watching Dancing With the Stars! (Did I feel a cringe?) Yes, I got N x NW the second I saw Mt. Rushmore and the biplane. I missed Cary Grant’s cute and terrified face, though! Good one, Michael…

Sandy – no need to worry about bitmaps and vectors, that’s for the dorky designers that want to play around a bit more. And because I’m a dorky designer myself, I can’t help but share some of my processes.

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