One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Happy Valentine’s Day from Nurse Ratched and McMurphy

From Me 2 You

The Cuckoo would have come home to roost if things were just a little different at the mental institution.

You can thank Usher’s “Twork it Out” for bringing this wayward couple together. It was touch and go for a long time, but we all knew that this is how the story should have really turned out.

You can also thank the lovely iPhone app PolyMagic, the font From Me 2 You, and this background of hearts for making this special Alt Valentine’s Day Card possible.

I love you DS106 so much!

Dissociative Dr. Oblivion

Jim Groom was interviewed by Dr. Oblivion today and Jim plead that the ds106 community forgive him after banishing so many students during the Summer of Oblivion. It seemed to be a truly touching moment of closure for everyone that had fretted over the mental health of Jim Groom. Dr. Oblivion was retaking the helm of ds106 to complete the course. But in the final moment our hopes for ds106 sanity were dashed aside as Jim Groom had a massive dissociative break and has had to enter a treatment facility for the remainder of the summer.

Rest and recover Jim Groom/Dr. Oblivion. Serenity Now!