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You Should Blog This Too.

One of our graduating Communications Technology majors has been our CT major liaison and community facilitator for the last two years. He was the first student I’ve been able to hire in this role, and we had to learn together what he was going to be able to do to make a difference in the […]

Teaching and Learning

99¢ Dreams

At the end of each semester we recognize students that are “doing good.” And whether they are actually do well in their classes doesn’t matter, because what we care about is that they are doing somethiong good for the community of Communications Technology (CT) majors. Recognizing students that build community around their discipline of study […]

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When You’ve Got to Own Your Middle Name

“Mr. Hersey could you please send Michael Smith to the principal’s office.” These words were spoken in a pinched female voice, disembodied and degraded by the aged speaker box that hung on the concrete wall. I looked at my sophomore peers in English class, they all looked at me, I looked at Mr. Hersey. He walked to […]

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Deadwood Must Be Cleared

  So that I have a place to sift through ideas and extend my participation in the networked conversation. A slow start, but a start. Thanks to the CUNY Academic Commons and the Commons Team (@mkgold, @boonebgorges, @cstein, @scottvoth, @brianfoote, @sarah_morgano)  for building a place for CUNY folk to hang and be their academic selves. […]