Letter from Camp

Code summer camp has been off to a nice start. There have been about six students who have taken advantage of the offer to come into York College and use the lab and each other to get some work done. In particular, shout out to Neyser who’s come three out of our first four days. He’s working on rebuilding his portfolio in Bootstrap after having learned a ton on his final project which was a UX for a college roommate finder.

It’s also been nice to have a little discourse going with Mariana Funes via a google doc about her efforts to prepare for her upcoming web development bootcamp. I’m hoping she’ll find useful some of the tutorials I made for this year’s web design and web development courses. The nice thing is that some of the c-Panel, FTP, and PHPMyAdmin stuff is Reclaim Hosting specific. So you Relcaimers will benefit. 😉

For myself, I’m finally getting into some tutorials and have really gotten into Bootstrap. I guess it’s about time! So powerful and fairly straightforward to use. I’ve been using Bootstrap 4’s alpha version 6, which uses Flexbox’s grid system by default. So that’s something else to learn. I haven’t been able to get too much done yet as last week required a bunch of finishing of end of semester chores – grading and the like – but a little navbar, forms/tables, and few other components.

Overall very happy to see students coming to the lab during the summer. It’s already been a big help for me productivity-wise, and I’m hoping them as well. As the summer progresses I’m hoping to transition to tutorials for half the day and project work the second half. I’ve some ideas that I want to pursue, but some skills must be built first!






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