16th Century Nyan Rocket Cat


Early this morning I was so very lucky to see this tweet from Gardner Campbell (he has a habit of tweeting out interesting internet tidbits in the AM):

Somehow I’d missed this larger fire known as the #rocketcat, which apparently was a military conflagration strategy that involved strapping a bomb on an enemy’s local cat, releasing it and hoping it would hide back in the foe’s homestead – BOOM!

Using suicide bomb cats did not necessarily turn out to be the best ancient animal warfare strategy, but it sure made for good internet fodder. I mean really anything funny about cats has a good chance of making the homepage of the internet.

But this particular internet favorited cat, reminded me of the most famous of famous internet cats – the nyan cat. Kitty meet pop tart. Pop tart kitty meet Japanese pop song. The rest is internet history.

Being part of internet history makes for good remix. And as I expected and was happily rewarded, I easily found the midi file for the nyan cat tune. Which allowed for the shlocky Baroque version I created using Garageband.

The real fun was to match frame-by-frame the original Nyan Cat GIF to finally bring Franz Helm’s vision to life.






6 responses to “16th Century Nyan Rocket Cat”

  1. Stefanie Avatar

    This is what a GIF has to miss, some good music! I could watch is forever, which again is just possible with the GIF format, and the GIF prevents the rocket from exploding on the cat’s back.

    With the music in particular it is a very poetic piece of digital art.

  2. @iamTalkyTina Avatar

    But when I look at it on my iPhone then I don’t hear your broke music. Which is a sad thing. Plus, I tried the click-on-a-GIF trick in case you did that, but I got nothing.

    But that old cat is a nice Art that you made. Does his tail get on fire from that rocket?

  3. mbransons Avatar

    @Stefanie you should check out gifsound.com which allows you to pair a GIF to sound from a youtube video. There’s a sub-reddit that curates a bunch of great examples.

    @iamtalkytina I’m not sure if you should trust such devices like iphones, they mislead. And its tail flaps fast enough to put out any conflagration.

    1. Stefanie Avatar

      Thank you, Michael. I’ve enjoyed some of the examples.

      I’ve already thought about how to combine audio with a GIF. This is a nice solution. A further improvement would be to leave the viewer undisturbed with a full screen GIF. I’ll think about this.

  4. @iamTalkyTina Avatar

    Well, MBS, then I saw the YouTube of it on the GooglePlus and it was okay there with the music. But I think you should do the GIF of it and when you click it then you hear the music of it. Plus, then it works on an iPhone, like when I am on a stakeout and don’t have a computer but I do have my phone.

    Well, bye! Plus, Hi Stefanie!

    1. Stefanie Avatar

      Hi, Tina. Nice meeting you.