Early this morning I was so very lucky to see this tweet from Gardner Campbell (he has a habit of tweeting out interesting internet tidbits in the AM):

Somehow I’d missed this larger fire known as the #rocketcat, which apparently was a military conflagration strategy that involved strapping a bomb on an enemy’s local cat, releasing it and hoping it would hide back in the foe’s homestead – BOOM!

Using suicide bomb cats did not necessarily turn out to be the best ancient animal warfare strategy, but it sure made for good internet fodder. I mean really anything funny about cats has a good chance of making the homepage of the internet.

But this particular internet favorited cat, reminded me of the most famous of famous internet cats – the nyan cat. Kitty meet pop tart. Pop tart kitty meet Japanese pop song. The rest is internet history.

Being part of internet history makes for good remix. And as I expected and was happily rewarded, I easily found the midi file for the nyan cat tune. Which allowed for the shlocky Baroque version I created using Garageband.

The real fun was to match frame-by-frame the original Nyan Cat GIF to finally bring Franz Helm’s vision to life.