Isn’t That Just Like a Rabbit?

Brings a knife to a gun fight.


I’ve been really enjoying the week long creative challenge that my commtech juniors and seniors have been undertaking as part of our portfolio class. They’ve shown me new sides of their work including a lot of drawing, mashups, and a particular meme in which someone has me throw a student out the window for asking the wrong question. I promptly let him know how serious I am about lazy students.  But as soon as I saw DarkLordDre’s cartoon of Bugs Bunny vs. Mickey Mouse I was ready to try out a little remix based on the GI Joe Explodes GIFs by General Howe. The GIF is also a consideration of the scene from the Untouchables in which Sean Connery’s character is setup by a knife wheeling hood, only to be gunned down on his fire escape. Connery’s famous quote, “Isn’t that just like a wop? Brings a knife to a gun fight,” has been part of a regular trope in fiction:

A character comes into the scene armed with what he thinks is sufficient, only to find out he is severely outclassed weapon-wise, because he brought the entirely wrong type of weapon (usually the superior weapon is revealed after the first person has committed to a fight).

It’s possible though that I could say to my students, ‘Never bring a JPG to a GIF fight – or I’ll animate the crap out of you.’


5 responses to “Isn’t That Just Like a Rabbit?”

  1. Todd Conaway Avatar
    Todd Conaway

    Man, you are one sick lad.

    But you know, your wisdom shines through like the glistening of shiny black chocolate in the far reaches of the freezer. I am sorry I missed the gif festival and the show with Kim Droom. I thought those day shad past. #stillhaunted

    1. mbransons Avatar

      I’m enjoying this new level of GIF depravity – who knows where it will lead. And Kim Droom, who would have thunk it, making a reappearance.

  2. ASuarez Avatar

    I just read your article on the drawing I did lol. I love what you did with this idea. You took a drawing and expanded it. I definitely will never bring a JPG to GIF fight lol.

    1. mbransons Avatar

      Thanks for inspiration Andre!

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