I’ve spent time working with the awesome illustrations in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual by creating a couple of coloring books for my kids here and here. I felt like I could use the monsters for more than just coloring.

This little video was quite a labor and not exactly what I had originally envisioned. I haven’t previously done lip sync animation, so the method I chose was to create three mouth shapes, closed, a little open, and wide open.  I then tried to match them to the peaks and valleys of the audio waveform of the dialogue. I felt this effort would make this project good for the Lip Read mashup assignment.

I actually started this project quite some time ago, but was so frustrated by it I gave it up for months. I had wanted Rocky (the pink Owlbear) to walk in from the left, and Mickey (the blue Eye of the Deep) to have his tentacles moving wildly.

I think Rocky makes for a good owlbear which has a ‘hug’ attack. And Mickey’s squint eye probably has the same stun effect as the eye of the deep.