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Truth in Your Digital Mask

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Oscar Wilde described of his essay, The Truth of Masks – A Note On Illusionthat:

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

We’re going to play with this idea of finding truth about your educational experiences so far by using a digital mask that will allow you to anonymously leave behind a message. Using a text to speech generator, I want you to record a message by hijacking the system sound and drop it in this public drop box (see links at the top of this post).

To inspire our ‘truthful’ discussion, I want you to watch Michael Wesch’s video A Vision of Student’s Today, student’s collaboratively edited a Google document to define their sense of their own education. Quotes were then displayed by students through out the video to provoke a conversation about education.

What is your vision of your education? What do you think about it so far? Are you taking it serious enough? Should you? What does that mean anyway, to be a serious student?

How does your digital identity fit into your education? Does it? How? Should it? Why or why not?

Upload your audio file using the links at the top of this post.

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