I knew the YouTube bots would quickly take down this mash-up of The Breakfast Club and Star Wars (Fox probably has it’s own bot bat phone when it comes to this property). I’ve made a fair-use claim and I believe it’s still up right now. Let me know in comments if it’s not. But if it is down you can at least enjoy an animated GIF version.

And listen to Karla Devito sing We Are Not Alone with the video below.

Ever since a student in ds106 remixed the Tupac hologram from Coachella 2012 with Princess Leia’s famous hologram (archived by the Bava thankfully) and another remixer successfully created a video of Tupac in the place of Leia, I’ve had an itch to play with this moment as well. Molly Ringwald’s epic strut as Claire Standish, which basically became the de-facto mode of dance for every white girl in the 80s suburbs, jumped to mind as a perfect hologram. Not only because I could make a pretty perfect loop, allowing her to endlessly rock, but her dance lingers in minds of many.

But what was really interesting about remixing this scene are the blank faces worn by actors Mark Hamill and Alec Guinness throughout. There’s a huge opportunity for remixing any number of different holograms to look at the Kuleshov Effect. If it were a warm bowl of soup hologram, then they’d look really hungry. A frightened puppy, empathy. Pile of poop, disgust. The variations are endless, possibly worthy of a remix of the Kuleshov Effect ds106 assignment that would drive Fox insane.