I’m a big lover of the animated GIF having created dozens as bits of reflection on cinematic moments, film posters and comic book covers. These animations are all fabulous homages to stories I love.

But I’ve also really enjoyed discovering how the animated GIF became an extension of traditional photography using subtle bits of animation. They’re perfect loops of moments in time, animated still lives. Amazing…

Watch her hair and dress flow endlessly, while her eyes hold a perfect stare. Don’t blink. Yes it’s an amazing piece of craftsmanship, definitely a smooth Photoshopper behind this animated loop. I credit their ability, but it doesn’t inspire me.

This does…


That’s a man chasing his shadow, literally (ok cinemagraphically). This is what I believe the cinem(gram)graph needs to celebrate – this impishness, raucousness. I love the impossible people are discovering in this medium.


So never mind the endless perfect moment, loop a portal into the impossible.

UPDATE I found this one recently from GIF-Machine: