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DS106 Shadow Puppets

lobster hands
lobster hands by Cut Giglio.

Welcome to the Fall 2012 semester of CT 101 Introduction to Video which you should better recognize over the next few days as a course that is participating in the open course from the University of Mary Washington called DS106. The syllabus for our course can be found under ‘Classes I Teach‘ section of my blog, but you can find the syllabus here and the calendar here.

Before we get started on the course and what it’s about, we are going to first do a quick little ‘Blitz’ assignment. Blitz assignments that are quick digital tool/storytelling assignments that we do in class as a warm up to the week’s work. For today we are going to introduce a few of the social media platforms you will be using as well as do a little photography.

I the spirit of ‘Shadow Puppets’ I want you to make some with a partner and take some photographs of them. You are welcome to walk about the building for the next 20 minutes to do your photo shoot.

After that you must upload five of your images to your own Flickr account (if you don’t have one you will need to set one up). You must title each shadow puppet and describe how you made it with your partner. Also you must tag the photos ds106shadowpuppet (nospaces).

Finally I want you to Tweet (if you don’t have Twitter you need to create an account) a link to your favorite shadow puppet. In the Tweet include the title, and the hashtags #ds106 and #ds106shadowpuppet.



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