Is There No Sanctuary?

So a freedom fighter of fair use got smacked in the face a couple of days ago. The Youtube copytright scanners…

took him out. Why? Because he dared to look copyright holders in the face with thisthisthis, and this? (pingback bonanza!) 

Groom had doggedly dodged and weaved against claims of copyright violations.

But they simply reminded him of what could happen…

Groom held his ground.

Are you violating copyright Jim Groom?

Using video clips as part of an analysis of culture are not protected by academic fair-use.

Often it seemed completely arbitrary which videos were considered violating, copyright holders blindly lashing out.

Eventually the scanners reached a final solution with Mr. Groom.

His account was terminated, without consideration for his non-violating assets – a digital carcass to them.

In the face of crisis Groom was suprisingly upbeat.

But I believe Groom gets everything he wants. He needs a mission, and for his copyright sins, they gave him one.


3 responses to “Is There No Sanctuary?”

  1. Nigel Robertson Avatar
    Nigel Robertson

    Wonderful comments on the nature of copyright violation by business. Copyright law gives rights and responsibilities to the holder and it has been clear for sometime that media companies are massively abusing their size to ignore those responsibilities and to bully those creating culture.

  2. mbransons Avatar

    @Nigel the unchecked power of the giant media companies (Google included) is overwhelming. It has me definitely rethinking how I should use my domain at least to backup media. Upload it here as well as every social media site.

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