CUNY Weeks 13 to 15 – Final Stretch

In the last three weeks you will be working on your final project for ds106 which will be posted to your blog and presented to the class on Monday May 21, exam day. Last week you were to focus on a proposal for your final project, and for the next two weeks be sure to post an update illustrating your progress. Make sure each of these posts is tagged ‘finalprojectupdate’ (no quotes). When you post your final project, tag it ‘finalprojectfinished’ (no quotes).

Also you will need to post a final reflection about this course and to start it off, you should complete the 106th TDC and embed it in this post. Your thoughts about the course should include an updated impression of Gardner Campbell’s No More Digital Facelifts talk, a description of which assignments you liked the most and why, what it was like to take a class that did not always tell you how or what exactly you had to do (remember the assignment bin and the bring-your-own technology approach), and anything else you’d like to talk about with respect to the course. Here are some good reflection ideas from Alan Levine as well:

  • What does storytelling mean to you now?
  • What did you gain the most from this course?
  • Talk about your best work on assignments and dailycreate- talk about why you picked them.
  • What would you say to future students about this class?
  • If you were in charge of this class, what would you change?

Last, you will need to make an appointment with me for a final review of your blog meet with me in class on Monday May 14th for a final review of your blog. We will spend approximately 30 10 minutes going over it talking about what you’ve made, what kinds of reflections you wrote about how and why you made things, and how you’ve managed to integrate tags, categories, plugins, and anything else WordPress like. I’m going to post a digital signup soon, and realize that you will not be able to receive a final grade if you do not come to this appointment. If you’re not in class on Monday, you will need to make an appointment with me for the final review of your blog.






6 responses to “CUNY Weeks 13 to 15 – Final Stretch”

  1. alasia laureano Avatar

    Hello Prof. Branson I wanted to know when you are going to post up the digital signup for the appointments with you. Let me know please and thanks:)

  2. Andrew Johnson Avatar

    Where is the digital signup?

  3. Danni Santana Avatar

    was going to ask the same. When are u putting up the digital sign up

  4. mbransons Avatar

    Hi everyone, we’re going to have to do the blog evaluations in class on Monday due to time constraints. I’m going to be presenting at a conference next week in Virginia so I’m worried I won’t be able to schedule everyone in time. Only those that don’t come to class on Monday and meet with me will have to schedule appointments.

  5. Jordany Thomas Avatar

    Man I’m going to miss this class.

    1. Michael Branson Smith Avatar

      The semester ends, but the ds106 mantra of ‘make art dammit!’ is #4life!